2 September 2014

Color Line – ARUAL Collection

ARUAL Collection, is a RANGE of PERMANENT COLORATION of next generation with restorative properties. Formulated with: Highest quality COLORING PIGMENTS, which ensures a precise and accurate color and excellent coverage of white hair. KERATIN, MACADAMIA, ARGAN AND OLIVE OIL: they guarantee a maximum conditioning and protection during the coloring process.

30 August 2014

Interview in the Economy section of “La Vanguardia”

Today in “La Vanguardia” they interview the third generation of the company, Luis and Cristina Martínez. ARUAL REJUVENATES.

11 October 2013

ARUAL Facial Cream – 10 treatments with Hyaluronic Acid

Formulated from the classical ARUAL CREAM, adding the active ingredients needed to create an ANTI-AGING TREATMENT cream, whose mission is to combat the aging of the skin, making repair, protect and provide well-being. Suitable for all types of skins from 35 years and especially for those that have symptoms of aging: wrinkles, dehydration and stains. […]

30 May 2012

Nail polish – Summer Collection

This summer we bet strong on the Pastel colors!