A philosophy that has always been there.Through it, we connect with people who see life as we do, as an opportunity to enjoy every moment, to take care ourselves, to share. People who know what they want, who feel part of a community and who value respect for more traditional values, but also for innovation, always looking to the future.

Arualism is commitment and loyalty:

Be arualistic.
#join the arualism.


We do not test with animals – our clinical trials and efficacy tests comply with European regulations that decisively prohibits animal  testing. We also go further, and we make sure either that our raw materials are not tested on animals. We import raw materials from countries that comply with and follow these parameters.


Our products and manufacturing methods are designed to be the most respectful with environment.


We opt for high quality natural active ingredients in our cosmetics to care, repair and treat both hair and skin.


Recyclable packaging – the packaging of our products is 100% recyclable. This means that our customers can contribute to the improvement of waste management.


28 September 2021

Does your hair fall out with the arrival of autumn? Avoid it!

With the arrival of autumn it is normal to notice that our hair falls out more… Hair loss is normal in both women and men. To reduce the increase in hair loss it is important a good hydration, a correct diet (a diet rich in protein, fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A, B, C […]

16 September 2021

Allied superfoods for the health of your skin and hair

How many times have we heard that we are what we eat? If we want to have healthy skin and hair, it is important to take care of ourselves inside and out.  A diet that is rich in legumes, fruits and vegetables, nuts and proteins will make our hair grow strong and healthy. Our skin […]

22 July 2021

Scarves: The best accessory for your hair

Scarves and bandanas are the perfect summer accessory. The usual is to wear them around the neck, however, this year we are also seeing them in the form of sarong skirt or summer top. And of course, it’s a trend to wear it as a hair accessory. Just fold the scarf in a triangle shape, […]