tinte 16 January 2024

Go Brunette

Brunette hair has become the most popular hair color of 2022, endorsed by experts and the fashion world. From chocolate and mocha tones to lighter versions with hazelnut or caramel highlights, brown is everywhere. This trend towards darker and shinier shades seems to have emerged from the need for change during the pandemic, leading many […]

21 September 2023

Recover Your Hair’s Health After Summer

Summer can be tough on our hair due to sun exposure, chlorine, and saltwater. When you return from your vacation, it’s crucial to pamper your mane to restore its vitality. Arual’s “Crystal Diamond” line offers the perfect solution. Start with Arual Crystal Diamond Shampoo to remove residues and impurities, providing a deep cleanse without damaging […]

crema de manos 26 July 2023

Arual Hand Cream

Arual Hand Cream is the perfect hand cream to carry with you at all times. If you have dry, chapped hands or simply want to have a moisturizer always with you, this is the cream for you. It will leave your hands instantly soft and you will be able to go on with your normal […]

10 May 2023

Shock Treatment in 20 minutes

How many times have you put a moisturizing mask on your hair while you are at home doing chores or relaxing? At Arual we have a specific product for this moment. And much more powerful than an ordinary mask… Restructure your hair with the Single Dose Shock Treatment from the Detox Line. It is the […]

serum capilar 19 April 2023

Macadamia Oil

Macadamia oil is a plant-based product that is infallible for healthy skin and hair. It is extracted from the fruit by pressing the nut.  It has a high content of Omega 7, a perfect component for our hair because it nourishes it intensely. It repairs the most damaged hair and restores strength and vitality. Get […]

champu sin sulfatos 7 March 2023

Sulfate-free shampoo post straightening treatment

Sulfate-free shampoos are indicated for hair that has recently undergone a straightening treatment. They are perfect for the maintenance of keratin treatments, since their gentle formulation prolongs their duration.  They are also beneficial for hair that has not undergone any treatment, but want to give their hair a break with a salt-free shampoo. Try the […]

16 January 2023

You still don’t have your gua sha?

If Santa Claus hasn’t brought you a gua sha, it’s not too late to buy one! If you are familiar with our products, you will see that at Arual well aware of Asian natural cosmetics. One of its oldest rituals (5000 years old) is the use of gua sha stones. It is a legendary stone […]

5 December 2022

Drink green tea for a healthy lifestyle

Green tea, an ally for your body. It is a healthy energizer that has countless benefits for the body. Its theine content keeps us awake, improving mental focus and concentration. Experts also claim that it strengthens the immune system due to its L-theanine content. It acts as a health defender, improving the ability to resist […]