17 March 2022

Antioxidant foods for perfect skin

If you want to enjoy smooth, luminous and healthy skin, include antioxidant foods in your daily routine. What are their benefits? Antioxidants are molecules that help delay the oxidation of free radicals. In this way, they prevent the collagen and elastin fibers of the skin from weakening. From ARUAL we bring you some of our […]

8 March 2022

Trendy Bangs

Full Fringe, French Bangs and Curtain Fringe. Full fringe: The classic. The most famous one. The usual thick and straight fringe that is at the same height as the eyebrows. We can see this fringe style on Aitana or Dakota Johnson, perfect for straight hair! French Bangs: This is an open, frayed fringe that sits […]

12 January 2022

Say “Bye” to Dry Skin this Winter

If you think that the skin only suffers when we are exposed to the sun in summer… Wrong! In winter our skin is extremely sensitive… With the winter and the low temperatures our skin suffers a lot. It tends to become dry, irritated and cracked. Did you know the cold slows down cell renewal, causing […]

4 January 2022

The hair claw: The perfect accessory for long hair

A classic from the 90’s  is back: The hair claw! Gone is the idea of wearing this accessory only to go around the house. Since the end of this year, the hair claw has become super trendy. Everything indicates it will continue this way this 2022. If you have long hair, it’s perfect for you. […]

28 December 2021

New Year’s Eve Hairstyles

With 2022 just around the corner, from ARUAL we bring you some ideas to look great on New Year’s Eve. Leave this year behind with a great look… The braid: It will be perfect if you have long hair and want to wear it up. You can wear it high, low, on the side, tight […]

21 December 2021

Ginger for a Great Hair

Ginger is an aromatic plant from Southeast Asia. This nutritional supplement can provide multiple benefits for the health of our hair. It is a great source of vitamins. Among them we highlight vitamin B6 and C. It is a vegetable rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and fatty acids. How does it benefit our hair? With […]

15 November 2021

Straight haircut for 2022

Get ahead of the winter trend and go for a straight cut this fall. Whether you have short, midi or long, you’ll get it right with this haircut. Go to your hairdresser and take the opportunity to clean up your post-summer ends. Stylists say that this season “invisible layers” will be super trendy. These are […]

8 November 2021

Change your habits for a healthier hair

Do you want to have healthier hair? Here are some expert tips: Avoid heat tools: Straighteners, blow dryers, curling irons… all the heat tools we use to shape our hair can be harmful. High temperatures damage the hair fiber, leaving out hair weak and dry. Avoid using them whenever possible! Use a good brush: We […]