Presentation: 35 ml


NUTRI-AGE + 6, specially formulated for mature skin. From the first application we will notice the “Lifting Effect”, feeling the Tensor effect that provides a permanent correction of the age signs.

Moisturises, Softens and provides Elasticity immediately and permanently. Ideal for night application, to achieve optimal results.

NUTRI-AGE + 6 – Rejuvenating effect thanks to its main active principles:

PRO-RENEW PROBIOTIC – Acts protecting the skin from free radicals, renewing and adapting it to the constant changes in the environment.

Collagen – Reduces the signs of aging as its contribution promotes cell renewal.

HYALURONIC ACID – Key active Ingredient to get an immediate rejuvenating effect. It stimulates the epidermis hydration to correct and prevent the deep wrinkles and expression lines appearance.

OSILIFT&QUICKLIFT – Polymer obtained of oats with instant and lasting effectiveness providing softness to the skin. Tense and softens the skin for an instant luminosity. Provides firmness delaying the signs of cellular aging.

FUCOGEL – Anionic polysaccharide that forms a film on the skin surface, restructuring it at the same time. Dual function with physical and biological properties.