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Presentation: 60 ml


ARUAL Collection, is a RANGE of PERMANENT COLORATION of next generation with restorative properties.

ARUAL Collection, cutting-edge PERMANENT COLOR RANGE with hair treatment properties. Formulated with: the highest quality COLORING PIGMENTS to ensure precise, accurate coloring with excellent gray coverage.

KERATIN, and MACADAMIA, ARGAN AND OLIVE OIL: Guarantee maximum conditioning and protection during the coloring process.

OIL TECHNOLOGY has been developed to work at three levels:

A. SCALP AND HAIR TREATMENT – OIL TECHNOLOGY guarantees extreme care and protection. The BLEND of OILS, in conjunction with keratin, ensures that the hair and scalp are fully protected and cared for.

B. INFINITE COLOUR – Through OIL TECHNOLOGY we achieve: intense, long-lasting tones. Stronger, shinier, more expressive tones thanks to the oil complex, and a new pigmentation system results in longer lasting color.

C. ABSOLUTE SHINE – OIL TECHNOLOGY provides a fine, transparent coating that covers and protects the hair. The surface of the hair is left completely smooth and uniform, perfectly reflecting the light, giving the hair extraordinary shine and maximum lustre.

Important: the formula of the Reds and Violets range contains the active ingredient pyrazole. This makes these products much more effective than most of the reds and violets on the market.