1 September 2017

spray para el pelo

Permanent Straightening Spray. For unruly hair. With a permanent duration. Don’t contains parabens, sulphates, formalin, mineral oils, or salt. Contains: KERATIN & HYALURONIC ACID. Converts the unruly, curly and frizzy hair into a natural straight hair. Formulated to permanently modify the structural connections of the Cysteine and its technology of acid PH permits to make such changes without damage the hair.

ARUAL STRAIGHTENING SPRAY provides a permanent straightening effect, improving the hair manageability and appearance without cause any irritation to the hair or scalp, thereby avoiding the characteristic damage of products based on hydroxides or thioglycolates. ARUAL STRAIGHTENING SPRAY nourishes, rebuilds, unfrizz and gives shine to all hair types. Does not contain formol or harmful components to health. ARUAL STRAIGHTENING SPRAY due to its content of Hyaluronic Acid and Keratin it protects, hydrates, fills and repairs the damage produced by aggressive agents of the chemical and/or mechanical treatments.

The straightening process with ARUAL STRAIGHTENING SPRAY is based on the reorganization of the disulphide bridges of cysteine of the capillary fibres, thus allowing permanent and effective straightening by applying the hair iron. This hair treatment provides an anti-frizz effect and a final straightening, at the same time that you get soft, silky and shiny hair.