Straight haircut for 2022

15 November 2021

Get ahead of the winter trend and go for a straight cut this fall. Whether you have short, midi or long, you’ll get it right with this haircut.

Go to your hairdresser and take the opportunity to clean up your post-summer ends. Stylists say that this season “invisible layers” will be super trendy. These are almost imperceptible layers to maintain the aesthetics of straight cuts. If these delicate layers are done well, they will add texture and movement.

If you want to keep the same length, but want to clean it up, opt for the Hair Dust. It’s a tip-sealing cut that doesn’t touch the length.

This 2022 it will be in style to show off healthy ends! Get your ends trimmed, and to keep them straight, moisturize them with the right treatments. Play it safe and get the best quality moisturizing products on our website.