Origin of the cream

10 October 2022

Did you know that the word cosmetic comes from the word cosmos? That is to say, “relating to adornment”. From there comes the current meaning: “product used for the hygiene or beauty of the body, especially the face”.

We have been concerned about the health and appearance of our skin for centuries…

In 3000 BC, the Egyptians used sesame and castor oils to combat the long hours in the sun.

Later, the Greeks in 1000 B.C., moisturized their skin with olive oil and honey. The Romans incorporated roses, jasmine and lemon into their routine.

In the Middle Ages, body worship was forbidden. The Catholic Church considered it a sin. It was only allowed for those who suffered from a disease that caused them to be “ungraceful”. Despite being forbidden, many secretly applied almond oil to obtain a younger and smoother skin. Women even applied leeches to achieve a pale appearance in order to show off the lighter skin.

Between 1900 and 1930 the first skin creams became a huge trend, causing a boom in the cosmetic industry.

Since then, we live in the constant evolution of creams. We have an infinite number of options for all skin types, for body and face.

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