Hair transplant & PH balanced shampoo

24 October 2022

It is becoming more and more common to hear about the practice of hair transplant. It is the extraction of follicles from the most populated areas of hair, usually from the back of the neck, to transplant them in the regions where alopecia occurs.

It is essential to comply with the indications of the clinic at all times, both before and after the intervention.

After a few months following the hair transplant, the patient returns to his life with total normality.  With the return to routine, it is essential to use a good shampoo.

Specialists recommend the use of a balanced shampoo. The pH scale is numbered from 0 to 14. It is considered balanced when it ranges between 4.4 and 5.5. These shampoos are ideal for deep cleansing without damaging the scalp.  They are also perfect for all hair types; curly, straight, thick, straight. They are shampoos that help to keep it healthy and free of irritations.

At Arual we have the Frequency Shampoo from the Argan Line.  It is a perfect option that has a balanced pH; it acts nourishing and repairing the hair, and protecting the scalp. This professional shampoo is designed for all hair types. Through its application we will achieve a deep cleansing. We will also notice that, with prolonged use, we will achieve healthy and strong hair.