Arual Hand Cream is Sustainable

7 September 2022

We have been packaging our hand creams in 100% recyclable aluminum tubes since 1949.  Aluminum is the best choice for the future of our planet. Why? Few resources are naturally available in such large quantities as aluminum, and not many are as easily recyclable.

Its recycling process uses only 5% of the energy consumed in the production of virgin metal. Europe already recycles 69% of its aluminum packaging. Its recycling maintains the same properties after numerous uses, with no loss of quality. Around 75% of all aluminum produced to date is still in use.

It is also the best way to keep the cream in excellent conditions. The tubes provide effective protection against light, air and other environmental factors, ensuring a longer life, less need for conservatives, total temperature resistance, greater product use, as well as being ideal for sterilization. It is a container with outstanding product protection and preservation, which adapts to the content and offers a very precise dose.

#Jointhearualism and join the best skin care and the best care for the planet.