Trendy Bangs

8 March 2022

Full Fringe, French Bangs and Curtain Fringe.

Full fringe: The classic. The most famous one. The usual thick and straight fringe that is at the same height as the eyebrows. We can see this fringe style on Aitana or Dakota Johnson, perfect for straight hair!

French Bangs: This is an open, frayed fringe that sits above the eyebrows. This style adapts to any type of hair: straight or curly, fine or thick. This last year it is being worn by actress Ana de Armas.

Curtain Fringe. Without a doubt the most popular in the past months. It has an inverted V shape. It is open. That is, split in half. It starts at a height below the eyes and blends in with the rest of the hair. This past year it has been seen on well-known faces such as Maria Pombo and Jennifer Lopez.

Is it for everyone? No! It’s good to keep up with the trends, but not everyone looks good with the same. If we have extra curly hair, or with little density or a very small forehead, it is better to avoid bangs.

How do you know which one to choose?

Make the most of your face shape and choose a fringe that highlights your features.

For rounder faces, it is best to leave the bangs long, leaving the forehead uncovered, to elongate the features.

On the other hand, for elongated faces it is better to opt for a thick, straight fringe above the eyebrows. In this way, we can break the verticality of the face.

For more angular or square faces, we will want to soften those angles. How? By avoiding very pronounced and straight bangs. A layered fringe that gives movement is much better.