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deco PLEX

Presentation: 35 gr


Bleaching agent with built-in Plex. By having Plex included in the formulation we make sure that we have the maximum protection during the entire clarification process, and a maximum restructuring. After the bleaching process you`ll be able to observe a restructured, shiny and soft hair. DecoPlex allows us to achieve 8 clarification tones in a single application.

It’s specially formulated for punished and weak hair that requires a smooth and progressive bleaching process, and hair restructuring at the same time.

Also enriched with ARGAN, KERATIN and HYALURONIC ACID, which provide shine, elasticity and maximum hydration to the hair. In summary, considering its formulation, DecoPLEX is a bleaching agent with the latest technology 3 in 1: bleaches, protects and leaves the hair perfectly hydrated.

Instructions for use:

  1. Mix decoPLEX with ARUAL Peroxide in a non-metallic recipient, with1: 2 proportion.
  2. Leave on hair (dry, not washed) until achieving the desired level of bleaching.
  3. Rinse with plenty of warm water and wash the hair thoroughly.